Rolfing/Structural Integration

Rolfing© or Structural Integration is a holistic and systematic therapy wherein the practitioner’s aim is to restore balance to the body’s myofascial system. The myofascial system consists of the layer of tissue covering the muscles and tendons. Structural Integration helps to release areas of constriction, such as muscular adhesions (knots) and scar tissue. It can be especially helpful for people with issues that restrict movement (burn injuries, scoliosis, athletes, pregnancy, tendonitis, etc.). Ideally, the therapy is performed in a series of 10 sessions, working from the core of the body outward, though it can also be targeted to work on a particular area of injury or discomfort. Structural Integration allows the body to begin to properly align itself by relieving restrictions in the soft tissues and alleviating problematic patterns of movement by freeing up range of motion. Structural Integration has often been characterized as intense or painful; however a skillful Rolf practitioner will work within a client’s limitations to create space within the body without causing more pain.

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